About Ariel

Reflections on travel, environmental conservation and agriculture from beautiful places.

I read, I hike, and I travel. Climbing volcanoes has become a huge passion of mine for some reason (I’m still not sure why). My last name probably helps encourage my love for the water, and my first name came from a motorcycle my grandfather raced in his youth. I’ve been told I laugh too loud and I’m too excitable, but also that I’m not curious enough in spite of my obsession with longreads. Somehow, in spite of those “flaws” or maybe because of them, I managed to acquire a doctorate in entomology and international agriculture and development (see my full curriculum vitae here).

I write about all of my interests with a particular focus on agriculture and the environment. For the last decade and a half, I’ve lived and traveled throughout North and Central America for work and pleasure, and even spent a brief stint in the Pacific (the Republic of the Marshall Islands). Now, I live in a tiny house at my childhood home, Rivers End Ranch, to help my parents with the ranch and their Christmas tree lot, hangout with my Grandfather, and to use the ranch as a home base for my work in agricultural conservation.

I’m an avid reader and a huge fan of Vonnegut and the existentialists, and love throwing around random facts into conversation and my writings. I write for fun, and because I find it extremely helpful for processing how I interact with the world and helping to shape who I am as a person. My hope is that I can inspire at least a few readers to spend time outside, visit some of the incredible places I’ve been lucky to visit or call home, or see our beautiful world differently in some way.

I post regularly on the blog, happy reading, and feel free to reach out with any questions or comments!

Any views expressed throughout this site reflect my personal opinions and do not represent any of my current or previous institutions.