About Ariel

Hobby farmer, hiker, eater, laugher, and sometimes blogger. 

Many moons ago, my sister gifted me my first domain name, http://www.arielrivers.com, as a birthday present as she figured I would someday need it for professory type things. The website definitely came in handy while I was working on my PhD in international agriculture, and after; I used it as a way to share additional writing related to my time as a lady scientist and the curriculum vitae that I spent years trying to hone for some future academic job.

Well, things change. Now I’m an inconsistent blogger and a hobby farmer. I’m still a lady scientist, but more in a general sense in that I experiment a lot in the kitchen and invent ways to gather data that are totally unnecessary (I’ll share my kombucha spreadsheet with you, if you’d like). I used to travel a lot, for both work and pleasure, but, 2020….

So I work full-time from home, and rarely update the website as often as I would like. When I do, you’ll find stories about my adventures with a pack of goofball animals: 3 dogs, 5 goats, and many quail. We call ourselves Air’s Wild Acres.

Read more about us and our adventures on the blog. Happy reading, and feel free to reach out with any questions or comments!

Any views expressed throughout this site reflect my personal opinions and do not represent any of my current or previous institutions.