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Post highlight: Nerds Without Borders!

I went to a conference last week, the World Food Prize, which had a strong theme regarding #WomeninSTEM, and encouraging young students to enter agricultural development. However, I really struggle with that dialogue sometimes, as typically the people discussing those topics are older, very successful, and only talk about the highlights of their careers. As such, they have a tendency to be out of touch with the availability of jobs, especially for early- to mid-level career scientists. I’ve been probably more focused on this than I should be lately, likely because I need a job (most people of my age hit the Great Recession at a very terrible point in our early careers, so our experience doesn’t reflect our skill set, and we don’t have the luxury of not working because of our own student loan situations and lack of savings as a result of that recession). So, in my career search and other random perusing of the internet, I came across the following set of posts, Nerds Without Borders. I’ve only read two far, but I think the blog author does a great job of highlighting the varied opportunities within international development, and too, that it is not a straight forward career-track. I highly recommend reading the series for some excellent tips in the career search!

Source: Nerds without borders!

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