Fin del Río Consulting

Who is Fin del Río Consulting?

Fin del Río Consulting is my answer to staying connected to academia and international development. My science and background is inspired by my youth, which I spent playing in the dirt on my family’s property, Rivers End Ranch in Livermore, California. I raised chickens commercially as a very young child, and sheep for 4-H and FFA throughout my youth. Living in the Bay Area, a highly urbanized and fairly forward-thinking place, helped inform my early views on sustainability in agriculture.

After an eye-opening summer spent in Panama at the age of 19, I focused my professional interests in agricultural resource conservation and poverty alleviation in food systems globally. Between and for my various degrees, I’ve worked in nuclear remediation in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, studied insect biodiversity in Nicaraguan cattle pastures, developed a community garden education program in Washington State, and worked as a Soil Conservationist for the USDA.

After earning a PhD in Entomology and International Agriculture and Development from Penn State, I worked as the Postharvest Coordinator for Latin America at the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) in central Mexico. In addition to managing research throughout Mexico and in parts of Guatemala, I honed my skills in designing collaborative methodologies for studying agroecosystems.

I am published in a variety of academic journals and extension publications, and have contributed to a multitude of proposals for agricultural research and implementation projects. See my full curriculum vitae.  

Why did I name this effort Fin del Río Consulting?

For over 15 years, I have lead and collaborated with multidisciplinary teams, working on topics as varied as postharvest management with smallholder farmers and remediation of former nuclear test sites. Every team and project I’ve worked with has related to the environmental sciences, inspiring my interest in conserving Earth’s natural heritage and avoiding the “end of rivers,” so to speak. I have spent over 3 years in Latin America and am fluent in Spanish, and wanted to pay tribute to both my science and my family’s ranch; thus Fin del Río Consulting was born.

What type of services do you offer through Fin del Río Consulting?

I am available for a variety of small consulting projects, including:

  • Grant proposal development, e.g., refining project ideas
  • Drafting responses to Requests for Proposals
  • Guidance on project management, data analysis and development of R tutorials
  • Development of curriculum or extension materials
  • Other needs related to agricultural conservation and international development.

Please fill out the contact form below for any inquiries.